Wednesday weigh in

Well the day I have been waiting for has arrived 🙂 It was my first weigh in since I dug out my Weight Watchers information. Well I am happy to say I am down 4.5 pounds. I was hoping for a little more since I did amazing last time I did WW, BUT I am happy with anything at this point. “Slow and steady wins the race”. I am down 8.5 pounds though since moving back home so that is a good feeling. The little milestones are needed and I need to stay focus. It didn’t go on fast, so I can’t have it come off fast. I am feeling better though, and more excited about this journey as the days go on. I just need to keep focused on the “little goals” and not the big picture. I have even peaked my moms interest and she is digging out her old info that she used for weight loss so together we can keep each other going. 🙂 This weeks goal is to get back to moving more, this coupled will help me all around.

I had a great conversation with my friend Tiffany today who is going to help me stay on track with the peaceful side in my journey. We will be checking in daily to make sure that each other is doing their exercise/mediation to keep on track. I absolutely adore her and wish we were not so far away. 😦 When I left AZ for ME she left AZ for CO. I can’t wait to get on my feet again and fly out to see her. I soooo want to see her and CO, it looks so beautiful. (I will get there someday Tiffany :-)) I even shared that I was trying a blog, which she gave a great response. I didn’t think I was ready to share that with anyone that I know just yet, but I guess I was. As a book I read before, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyways” I need to stop fearing things and just go with it.

Have I mentioned that I love It is the most amazing website that I have seen in a long time. Most of the pictures that I will post here are from there. They have great recipes, quotes, crafts and the list goes on. If you haven’t been on it you should try it. I like this photo:

and the one that I am working on is:

I was able to stop myself today from saying something less than nice as I thought about this. It is a work in progress, but I feel better each time I can make a better choice. Whether it is to not partake in gossip or make a better food choice. I want to be a person full of love and light and better health. I want to eventually be able to help others on their journeys and be a person that people want to be around because I make them feel better.

Oh well I guess off to make dinner and reading or work on making my sister’s birthday card, the big 18 so it has to be something good. Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely evening.