Shop till you drop

What a day, I am wiped and ready for bed. First off I am a person that dislikes shopping on all levels, so spending most of my day shopping wasn’t fun. Trying to find things for my nieces birthday present. I decided, since she likes to help bake, to get her a 6-cupcake pan and things to go with that. Sad to say after several stores I was unable to find anything like I wanted. Apparently I could only find the 6 jumbo pans not the regular size unless it is the 12. So frustrating because I am unsure what I can do now. Back to the drawing board tomorrow to figure something.

After shopping, we came home for quick dinner before I headed out to help my brother pack up. Man he has a lot of stuff, I don’t know what he will do with it all. For those that helped me in AZ to downsize and pack a huge ‘THANK YOU’!!! I know that it was tough dealing with me and my stuff so I suppose I am paying for that now, lol. Since it was late we only got 2 truck loads dropped off, but I suppose better than nothing. So all I have on my mind now is a hot shower and bed. I will throw on my meditation CD for sleep to help out with a little mind healing since I wasn’t able to get to my yoga 😦 Oh well always tomorrow. Least I moved a lot between shopping and loading up stuff. Its something. Have a great night!!!

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