Copy and repeat

Ok so toady was a copy of yesterday except we did more trying to help my brother then shopping. I don’t know which is worse. lol. I am VERY happy to say though that I finally found the pan I so desperately wanted! I thought I was going to cry when I found it. So I got the pan, princess sprinkles, wrappers, whisk, spatula and a cute little tote bag for it. I think she should enjoy it, my sister may not. lol. Oh well its all about the kids, right? I am just glad to be done with that.

After waiting to hear from my brother we finally got back to his place to try to help a little more. I am happy to say though that he had a weight machine that does upper and lower and was just going to get rid of it. So happy that I was there cause I was all over that like bees on honey. It is a great machine, and does all that I want. I was going to join gym to get weights since I have cardio all ready so now I can save my $ and still add my weight lifting. I can’t wait to get it set up, I hope it is fairly easy. This will help so much with my goals.

So since the past two days have been crazy busy I was very lazy tonight. After eating and chatting with my sister, I threw in a load of laundry, came upstairs, popped in my chakra cleaning CD and plopped on my bed. Now off to bed so I can be up early tomorrow….ahhh sleep. Well hope everyone has an amazing night 🙂

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