Its been one week….

Not only is the title inspired by one of my favorite bands, Barenaked Ladies, but I am happy to say I have made it a week blogging. Yeah me! I don’t have much to say today but I wanted to make sure that I got on today to jot something down. Today is just one of those rainy, lazy days. I made it to church this morning and that has been about it. I passed out for about an hour and half later this evening guess my body was just done. For whatever reason I was really hungry today and ended up tapping into my weekly bonus points. I mean no harm they are there for that reason, but I guess I was just shocked. Some days I struggle to eat all my points other days I could eat my arm off if I knew how to calculate that. lol. Well it has been a few days since I threw in a picture so I hope this makes you smile.

Some days I feel that this is me….I need T-Rex to get me going. Oh well we all have our own battles. I am surprised with a few of the stressful days I have had I was still able to stay on track, I am very happy to say. I think my will power has returned. Yahoo!! Another good motivator is:

How true this is, I remember being upset with only one pound victories…but look at that?! That is a lot. So when I feel down I must pull this picture up and be proud of what I did!! Well I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and a great night, sleep tight!!

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