A little rant and rave…

Ever have those days where one day you feel so great, fitting into clothes you have not been able to wear and you see your “bulge” getting smaller than the next day you feel like you were at the beginning, a busted can of biscuits? I know that a weight loss journey is not a piece of cake, yum how I wish it was, and that it is going to take hard work and sweat. There are just days that I find it really hard to stay on track. Well I guess I should say certain weeks, not just days.

I dread tomorrows weigh in because I have been struggling past week and a half and I am uncertain where that will leave me on the scale. I should be grateful I am not on a huge scale in front of America I suppose. About a week and half ago there was one day that I was just so frustrated I didn’t count for the day. I did put in down in my food journal just out of curiosity but did not use it towards my weekly points. I didn’t care, I just wanted a non restricted day. I am surprised and relieved that I did ok, not like I went out and ate a whole cake or anything, Then about a week after that my baby sister sprained her foot in a Rugby game (an amazing game if you ask me) and was struggling at school so I went and stayed a couple of days to help her out. I had every intention on being good, even paid extra for microwave and fridge to get my own meals. I was ok for the most part, the last night not so much. We ordered a pizza and bread sticks with cola 😦 Icky. I hadn’t drunk soda forever, and the pizza was exceptionally greasy. I regretted it the moment it passed my lips. Oh well, life goes on. I was beyond shocked and excited to see though that I hit one of my mini goals for that week when I returned home. I wanted to break past 250 and I did, 249.5, which is now only 2 pounds away from my first 10%!!. I have no idea how but I did. Unfortunately I think the past week and a “certain visitor” coming around I will be back to 250+. I am really hoping maybe just at 250, 250.5 and not a huge amount, but we shall see tomorrow. I know I am only talking about a half of pound to full pound (hopefully) BUT it still feels like a huge gain. Why is that?

I have realized I really need to search different foods and find new motivation. I feel like I am beginning to stall out and that I would rather eat a container of ice cream and a chunk of cake then continue on. I am praying it is all those dreaded “hormones” talking but some days it seems too hard. I have been lax the past couple of weeks and I am worried if I do not tighten up the reins soon, I will lose it all together. I CAN NOT DO THAT!! I WON’T DO THAT!! I am 70-80 pounds away from goal…I remember when I realized I had to lose over 110 pounds to goal. That is a whole person. How am I carrying that around?!

Ok so I must turn this around, refocus on why I want to lose weight and keep my eye on the ball. Work on getting out of this rut. Need to get strong especially after my mother already brought up a dreaded reminder….THANKSGIVING. I am extremely grateful she is going to help me stay on track but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little fearful of that day. How do  you guys stay strong and focused on those holidays surrounded by yummy foods? May we all be strong this holiday season and come out victorious!!!

Well I surprisingly feel better after getting that out, there is something to this whole journal thing. Ahhh, now to find new, inspiring blogs to read and get that board out and work on it.

Found this and thought it was perfect for me today:

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