Getting back

Where has the time gone. I can’t believe that its been this long since writing. I need to get better at keeping up with my journal since it keeps me on track. It has just been a roller coaster for the past couple months. I have still lost some but not where I should/could probably be. I did hit another mini goal and was able to get into the 230’s giving me a total loss of 39.5 lbs! I do realize that I am only .5 into the 230’s and it could change tomorrow at weigh in, BUT none the less I saw it on the scale and I am still pleased. It is amazing to feel that I am closer to 200 then I am to 300. I can’t believe there was a time that I was that close, 21 pounds away from 300! Soo scary. So I am trying to rally myself and get back on track and just keeping chipping away to my goal.
Little by little, day by day. I am trying to be gentle with myself and really figure out what all these struggles mean. Find new ways to deal with the downs instead of running to food. I need to revamp some things so I can break from the habits that still haunt me. I would love to think I had better control on my food demons but I am realizing that I don’t 😦 How do you guys stay on track? Not give in to tempations?


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