Splash of Color

Well here we are again, Monday Monday. I was a little worried not much would happen today in the way of exercise since I was having one of those days. I am glad to say though that I went on a 25 minute bike ride and did about 40 minutes of yoga. 🙂 I may have not biked a marathon but I am glad to say that I did something, every bit helps. I need to keep at this because I want to get in shape so I can do the “Color Run” with my sister. She went to Boston to do it this weekend. It is a 5k and at every k marker they throw a different color of a chalk like substance on the runners. Talk about fun, raise money for a charity, run and get covered in color. I am very excited to do this. I would also like to do marathons someday. I think it would be such a great feeling to accomplish that, something I have never thought I would be able to do. SO if I can continue with my baby steps now, they will turn into something far greater. A fun, healthier me 🙂 One of my ultimate desires is to hike the Grand Canyon. I realize this is way off, and months and months of preparing but for whatever reason I have had  a big pull towards it for years. That to me would be most amazing. Need to revamp my bucket list for once I lose the weight and can move more.

Well I guess I should go and wrap my nieces present. Hope you have a marvelous night, take care all!!


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